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Ru joins the cast of Showtime’s Ray Donovan

According to Deadline,  Ms. Balk will be on board in a recurring role for the third season of Showtime’s hard-boiled crime drama Ray Donovan (which explains a recent, at the time seemingly offhand tweet canvassing for opinions on the show). Balk is reportedly playing a prostitute and mother of a young girl (to be played by Shree Crooks) who becomes friends with Jon Voigt’s character Mickey.

On Twitter today, Balk comments “So yes the big secret is out:) I’m going to be on Ray Donovan & I’m really looking forward to it. Great cast on this show”  and “I don’t know when the episodes will air but I start shooting soon. I’ve been in prep mode for a while but wasn’t sure when to announce it :)

Hopefully Ginger will fare better than some of the other characters who have gotten chummy with Mickey in the first two seasons.

Fairuza to appear in Bio Channel’s “Haunting Of…” series

Now a veteran of two “Celebrity Ghost Stories” episodes, Fairuza now gets a sort-of threepeat by helping to launch The Biography Channel’s apparent new variation on the concept called “The Haunting Of…” A press release at The Futon Critic says “BIO presents “The Haunting Of,” a new original series with world-renowned psychic-medium Kim Russo, as she gives an exclusive look at celebrities who have had their lives changed by paranormal events. The supernatural journey premieres Saturday, October 27th at 10PM ET/10PM PT.”

Last month, Balk tweeted about the shoot saying “Bio channel came & shot at my art space as the building is haunted. It was pretty weird. They brought a medium & everything.”

Fairuza Helps Kick Off Season 3 of Celebrity Ghost Stories

On October 29th Fairuza Balk will appear on the Season 3 premiere of The Biography Channel series Celebrity Ghost Stories in which, according to Zap2it, she will tell a tale of being supernaturally menaced in a hotel. See a short promo video featuring Balk at their site here.

DVD News

Two significant Ru related DVD releases were announced this week. According to Amazon, Humboldt County will be out on disc on January 13 (preorder here) and, as brought to our attention by forum member Cornelius, the A&E mini-series Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story  will see release on on December 16 (more information at TV Shows On DVD here).

By the way, the Humboldt County  soundtrack, including the song Fairuza sings “I Want You To Be My Baby”, is now available on iTunes (see this thread)

Magnolia Buys Humboldt County

Variety has reported what first appeared in the director’s blog about Humboldt County being sold to Magnolia Pictures and what appeared in an HD Net press release about the film’s premiere to be by video on demand and that plans are then for a theatrical release in September starting in Austin, TX and, of course, Eureka, CA (the director’s blog doesn’t quite jibe with this saying the opening weekend will be San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Chicago and Austin)

Update: Official Press Release at the directors blog


Fairuza, Master of Horror?

Fairuza recently guest starred in the TV-series Masters of Horror, directed by none other than Larry Cohen. She appeared as Stacia in episode 11.