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Dread Central interview

Ru sat down for a wide ranging interview with the folks at Dread Central posted today. Topics include Dose of Reality (coming to VOD tomorrow, according to the official site, but the promised blu-ray remains a mystery), The Craft and Return to Oz. Read it here.


Also, Blogtalkradio has devoted a recent podcast to discussing Fairuza’s career.

Fairuza to appear in Bio Channel’s “Haunting Of…” series

Now a veteran of two “Celebrity Ghost Stories” episodes, Fairuza now gets a sort-of threepeat by helping to launch The Biography Channel’s apparent new variation on the concept called “The Haunting Of…” A press release at The Futon Critic says “BIO presents “The Haunting Of,” a new original series with world-renowned psychic-medium Kim Russo, as she gives an exclusive look at celebrities who have had their lives changed by paranormal events. The supernatural journey premieres Saturday, October 27th at 10PM ET/10PM PT.”

Last month, Balk tweeted about the shoot saying “Bio channel came & shot at my art space as the building is haunted. It was pretty weird. They brought a medium & everything.”

Fairuza Helps Kick Off Season 3 of Celebrity Ghost Stories

On October 29th Fairuza Balk will appear on the Season 3 premiere of The Biography Channel series Celebrity Ghost Stories in which, according to Zap2it, she will tell a tale of being supernaturally menaced in a hotel. See a short promo video featuring Balk at their site here.

Interview: Don’t Knock The Balk

Fairuza talking about her long awaited comeback to the big screen:

“I just try to do things that I think will be good, it’s that simple,” Balk revealed in January at the Sundance Film Festival where Don’t Come Knocking screened prior to its U.S. theatrical release. “When I’m an old lady and I look back at my life, not just my work, but my life, I want to say, ‘Good, I did do the best that I could and I tried to make decisions for the right reasons.'”

Be sure to read the article over at reel.com.