Quiet Storm

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Fairuza.net is now live!

As the year 2006 draws near, and the snow keeps falling to the ground, Fairuza.net first sees the light of day. What once was, and had for a very long time always been, a small fansite hosted on other peoples domains, is now it’s own being in the digital space. Fairuza.net is now the home of all that is Fairuza.

Welcome… To Fairuza.net!

Fairuza is still working

According to the filmography on imdb.com, Fairuza is still working the showbiz and is acting in a couple of new movies as we speak. Currently, there are atleast 2 movies out this year (“Don’t Come Knocking” and “A Year and a Day”), and another one set for 2006 release (“Wild Tigers I Have Known”).

In other news, the redesign of the site is moving along smoothly. All the pages are done, the design is finished and I’m currently working on a simple guestbook (I promise, I WILL finish it this time :D).

A Fairuza Balk Fansite – 4.0

I don’t think any of you have missed that the world of Fairuza Balk has been revolving rather slow lately. I haven’t heard a single peep about what she might be up to nowadays.
Well, to remedy my boredom I set out to create the Fairuza Balk Fansite 4.0. That is, a whole new face to a site that’s existed 4 years now (…and counting).