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Humboldt County Website Full Launch

http://www.humboldtcountymovie.com/ now has a snazzy new look, some new pics of Ru, many pictures of a mysterious green weed of some sort about which I know nothing, a synopsis and the promise of a trailer to come.

UPDATE: Trailer now up at the above link.

Grindstone Road Update

ITV Inter Medya, the distribution company for the film, have put up a Grindstone Road page that gives a few more details. For one the movie is directed by Melanie Orr and co-stars Greg Bryk (Shoot ‘Em Up, Weirdsville, A History of Violence), Joan Gregson (Hollywoodland, The Good Shepherd) and Walter Learning (His official site). There is also a more detailed synopsis and this poster:

Grindstone Road Poster