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Fairuza, Master of Horror?

Fairuza recently guest starred in the TV-series Masters of Horror, directed by none other than Larry Cohen. She appeared as Stacia in episode 11.

MTV.com on Fairuza…

Fairuza Balk, known for her volatile, eccentric roles in films like “The Craft”, gets downright matronly in the upcoming drama “Wild Tigers I Have Known”, which recently debuted at Sundance. “I get to play a mom for the first time”, the 31-year-old laughed, “which freaked me out because I’m not a mother.” The indie film, expected to hit theaters later this year, is “about a prepubescent boy coming of age [who is a] homosexual but he doesn’t know it yet.”

Citing the recent success of “Brokeback Mountain”, Balk said such trends need to be supported. She insisted that the film is a sensitive exploration of the self-discovery of a teen’s homosexuality “and how awkward it is for people growing up,” adding, “[‘Tigers’] is a very important film to show people that others might have had the same experiences.” …

Source: MTV.com