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Fairuza music video bonanza!

Forum user candygirlnj19666 has been digging around the intertubes and found every single music video Fairuza has starred in. These include artists like ZZ Top and Moby, as well as the video for Soul Defense Network’s ‘Funky Ajoyah’ (yes, the one with ‘Ru runing around with a gas mask on her face).

Check those out, and then hop over to the forum and give candygirl a pat on the back for her efforts.

Fairuza.com is back on again!

I just randomly visited Fairuza.com to see if anything had changed. Since the last update was from a couple of years ago, I didn’t really expect much. To my, and all the Fairuza fans out there, happy surprise the site is back! The front page carried this explanation:

Well im back kind of after a long bout with cancer. Im going to start putting some new pictures up and try to let you know what she is doing now. This site will always stay up because a friend of mine is hosting it so it doesn’t cost me anything.