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A personal letter from Fairuza

I have to say, seeing Fairuza enter the social networks and opening her own, proper website has been fantastic. Finally, we get a glimpse into her life and what she’s up to, and not only that, we can even communicate with her about it, and her with us. The days of having a staff of people answer hand-written letters is long past, and just shooting off a question or comment to on Facebook or Twitter is the new reality.

That said, Fairuza is, perhaps, a sentimentalist. You’ll know that I ordered the limited edition copy of her new single a few weeks back, but what you may not know is that the printing is running a bit late (Ru admitted to being a bit of a perfectionist). So what does Ru do? Tweet it? Blog it? No, she sent me a beautiful, hand-written letter in an equally beautiful, hand-sealed envelope.

The envelope first came in another, bigger and more anonymous white envelope, postmarked in California.

In the letter, Fairuza thanked me for ordering her record and expressed her wish to sometime get to visit the home country of Ingmar Bergman (the famous Swedish director). She also thanked me for supporting her work and her artistic¬†endeavors. I hereby thank her for being such a thoughtful and caring person to send personal letters to fans in this manner, when she no doubt has tons of important stuff to do already (I also made sure to thank her on Twitter), and I’m absolutely certain if she only had the addresses, she’d thank everyone in this community for continually supporting her.

Fairuza’s new single now on iTunes!

If you haven’t already, go check out Fairuza’s new single, “Stormwinds”. It’s available on iTunes or Amazon for next-to-nothing. Or, you can do as I’ve done, and order a limited edition signed copy of the single from Fairuza.com.

I’ve listened to the song a few times today, and I can tell you it’s absolutely fantastic. Ru’s characteristic voice softly floating above a layer of deep, deep bass and muted drums perfectly match her strong, almost visual lyrics. I could describe it all day, but it’s ultimately useless. Just listen to it yourselves, that’s what music is for.

Fairuza’s new, official website has just gone live!

The long wait is over. Even though many of us fondly remember the old fairuza.com, not many will object to the new use of the old domain. Fairuza Balk previously acquired the domain name and promised to use it to host her own, official website, filled with pictures, information and even music from her own band, Armed Love Militia.

Now that the site is open, it promises a more steady stream of information and content surrounding our favorite indie star, and anyone who’s been following her Twitter stream can’t escape noticing how much she has enjoyed the work.

Now, don’t let me stall you any longer. Go explore Fairuza.com right now!

Unfortunate downtime

Hi all, we’re back!

I sincerely apologize for the downtime but unfortunately there was nothing I could to to bring the site back up. The site is hosted on a friend’s server, and he recently moved to Germany to study. Needless to say, without any physical access to the server, we had no way of finding out what was wrong.

Anyway, all problems have been worked out now, and Quiet Storm is back in business!

Fairuza music video bonanza!

Forum user candygirlnj19666 has been digging around the intertubes and found every single music video Fairuza has starred in. These include artists like ZZ Top and Moby, as well as the video for Soul Defense Network’s ‘Funky Ajoyah’ (yes, the one with ‘Ru runing around with a gas mask on her face).

Check those out, and then hop over to the forum and give candygirl a pat on the back for her efforts.

Happy birthday, Fairuza!

Today, the 21st of May, we congratulate Fairuza Balk on her 33rd birthday!

We all wish her the very best, and hopes she gets to have a wonderful day with all of her closest friends and family.

Cheers to you, Ru!


Since I don’t take any pleasure in freaking anyone out, I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you all a heads up: Things are going to change around here.

Sometime during they day tomorrow, you’ll see another site here at Fairuza.net. It’ll be different, but still the same. You see, I’m reshaping everything that is Fairuza.net and turning it all into something bigger, something better. Sometime tomorrow, you’ll wave goodbye to Fairuza.net forever and instead embrace Quiet Storm – The Ultimate Fairuza Balk Fansite.

Major changes seldom pass without slight hiccups though, and I hope you’ll be patient while we correct them as they appear. I, and my new team of Quiet Storm editors, will be doing everything to keep this place running as smoothly as possible.

You might wonder what’s so great about this new site, and I’m going to tell you straight up:

  • Completely new website, powered by WordPress
  • The ability to comment on news posts
  • Brand new gallery (which, gradually, will be filled with tons of new pictures)
  • Unified Forum and Gallery login

There’s probably going to be lots more with time, but for now this is plenty

So grab a cold one, put on your Fairuza-flick of choice and relax. Quiet Storm will be here in no time.

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a very happy New Year, and I hope 2006 brings lots and lots of Fairuza goodies to each and everyone!

Humboldt County set for 2007

Ever vigilant forum lurker Morgoth tipped us about this article, explaining a bit of the background to the new movie Humboldt County, starring our own Fairuza Balk. Although IMDB makes no mention of her involvement, it seems pretty confirmed that she will play a major part in this movie.

Fairuza.com is back on again!

I just randomly visited Fairuza.com to see if anything had changed. Since the last update was from a couple of years ago, I didn’t really expect much. To my, and all the Fairuza fans out there, happy surprise the site is back! The front page carried this explanation:

Well im back kind of after a long bout with cancer. Im going to start putting some new pictures up and try to let you know what she is doing now. This site will always stay up because a friend of mine is hosting it so it doesn’t cost me anything.

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