Quiet Storm

A personal letter from Fairuza

I have to say, seeing Fairuza enter the social networks and opening her own, proper website has been fantastic. Finally, we get a glimpse into her life and what she’s up to, and not only that, we can even communicate with her about it, and her with us. The days of having a staff of people answer hand-written letters is long past, and just shooting off a question or comment to on Facebook or Twitter is the new reality.

That said, Fairuza is, perhaps, a sentimentalist. You’ll know that I ordered the limited edition copy of her new single a few weeks back, but what you may not know is that the printing is running a bit late (Ru admitted to being a bit of a perfectionist). So what does Ru do? Tweet it? Blog it? No, she sent me a beautiful, hand-written letter in an equally beautiful, hand-sealed envelope.

The envelope first came in another, bigger and more anonymous white envelope, postmarked in California.

In the letter, Fairuza thanked me for ordering her record and expressed her wish to sometime get to visit the home country of Ingmar Bergman (the famous Swedish director). She also thanked me for supporting her work and her artistic¬†endeavors. I hereby thank her for being such a thoughtful and caring person to send personal letters to fans in this manner, when she no doubt has tons of important stuff to do already (I also made sure to thank her on Twitter), and I’m absolutely certain if she only had the addresses, she’d thank everyone in this community for continually supporting her.

Ultradamno said,

November 3, 2010 @ 10:49 am

Ms. Balk was also kind enough to take time to send me a note. I join Nathaniel in thanking her for that and also, I see from her Twitter feed she isn’t feeling well, I’ll add get well soon.

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Quiet Storm » A personal letter from Fairuza

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Quiet Storm » A personal letter from Fairuza

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Quiet Storm » A personal letter from Fairuza

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Quiet Storm » A personal letter from Fairuza

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Quiet Storm » A personal letter from Fairuza

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