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Humboldt County Poster Banned By The MPAA?

Humboldt County co-director Darren Grodsky wrote a few days ago at their blog that the MPAA has found (or likely to find) their current poster to be unacceptable on the grounds that “references to drugs/drug paraphernalia” are not allowed in advertising (evidently falling under the category vaguely defined on their website as “other material that most parents would find unacceptable for their younger children to see or hear”) So the MPAA is an inscrutable star chamber, no news there, rather than gnashing teeth Mr. Grodsky suggests:

“And so, should we be forced by the MPAA to change our poster to a more “subtle” version, I suggest to each and every one of you who encounters this blog:

Let’s pepper the world & the world wide web with our “Smoking Joint” poster, which may soon become a limited edition piece. We’ll do our part to include it everywhere (When you check out the promos we recently shot, you’ll notice we managed to fit it in a few different places). See if you can find ways to show off the smoking joint poster. This will turn out to be win-win as both a way to stick it to the “man” and also a way to promote the film, a task in which we need all the help we can get…”


Being well sympathetic to the cause, we here at Quiet Storm are prepared to do our part

Nathaniel said,

July 20, 2008 @ 5:31 pm

Wow, that is insane! How the hell do the reason when they think that not allowing a movie poster will stop people from doing drugs? And what lousy parent would rather ban movie posters than explain to their kids why drugs are bad?

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