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The Heart Is A Drum Machine Premiere

Fairuza will be at the Phoenix Art Museum this Friday to co-host the premiere of Christopher Pomerenke’s documentary The Heart Is A Drum Machine  with Matt Sorum of Velvet Revolver, both of whom are interviewed in the film which “explores the connection between music and the human experience”

Ru Hosts Eliza Wren’s Return To Oz Sundance Screening

Singer Eliza Wren has composed her own score to Walter Murch’s Oz sequel and will be debuting the music at the Sundance Film Festival along with footage from the film. According to SL Weekly the event will be hosted by Balk herself.

More about Wren’s project here. 


The Salt Lake Tribune has an article on the event with quotes from Balk about it as well as another questioning whether the concept is “preposterous” or not.

Poster from EWERCS

Personal Appearance in March

It seems Fairuza will be making a personal appearance at Monster Mania horror convention in Cherry Hill, NJ in March.  For tickets, more info, click here.

Ru Makes The Humboldt County DVD Cover

Despite not appearing in the film past the first 20 minutes or so, Balk is featured prominently on the cover for the DVD, due Jan. 13, in front of the controversial joint image.  

Fairuza music video bonanza!

Forum user candygirlnj19666 has been digging around the intertubes and found every single music video Fairuza has starred in. These include artists like ZZ Top and Moby, as well as the video for Soul Defense Network’s ‘Funky Ajoyah’ (yes, the one with ‘Ru runing around with a gas mask on her face).

Check those out, and then hop over to the forum and give candygirl a pat on the back for her efforts.

Happy birthday, Fairuza!

Today, the 21st of May, we congratulate Fairuza Balk on her 33rd birthday!

We all wish her the very best, and hopes she gets to have a wonderful day with all of her closest friends and family.

Cheers to you, Ru!

New on Fairuza.net: Trivia!

That’s right, I’ve added a trivia-section to the biography. This will give you more insight into what makes Fairuza… Fairuza. There’s the story behind her name, a detailed description of all her tattoos and some other fun-to-know facts and tidbits.

You’ll find it all here.

Interview: Don’t Knock The Balk

Fairuza talking about her long awaited comeback to the big screen:

“I just try to do things that I think will be good, it’s that simple,” Balk revealed in January at the Sundance Film Festival where Don’t Come Knocking screened prior to its U.S. theatrical release. “When I’m an old lady and I look back at my life, not just my work, but my life, I want to say, ‘Good, I did do the best that I could and I tried to make decisions for the right reasons.'”

Be sure to read the article over at reel.com.

Happy Birthday, Fairuza!

Today, this tuesday the 21st of May, is Fairuza Alejandra Balk’s 32nd birthday! Hooray!
I, and most surely all of her fans around the world, want to wish her the best birthday ever and hope that she has a great time celebrating it. We love you Ru, and the best of wishes to you!

MTV.com on Fairuza…

Fairuza Balk, known for her volatile, eccentric roles in films like “The Craft”, gets downright matronly in the upcoming drama “Wild Tigers I Have Known”, which recently debuted at Sundance. “I get to play a mom for the first time”, the 31-year-old laughed, “which freaked me out because I’m not a mother.” The indie film, expected to hit theaters later this year, is “about a prepubescent boy coming of age [who is a] homosexual but he doesn’t know it yet.”

Citing the recent success of “Brokeback Mountain”, Balk said such trends need to be supported. She insisted that the film is a sensitive exploration of the self-discovery of a teen’s homosexuality “and how awkward it is for people growing up,” adding, “[‘Tigers’] is a very important film to show people that others might have had the same experiences.” …

Source: MTV.com

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