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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Book Out Now

Werner and Lena Herzog’s book Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans was released this week. The book is divided almost equally between set photographs (three of Balk) taken by Lena Herzog and the shooting script “by Billy Finkelstein, reworked by Herzog.”


Product page at Amazon

Going In To Sin City

From Oct. 30 to Nov. 1 Ru will be attending Fangoria’s Trinity of Terrors convention in Las Vegas. Other guests will include Roger Corman, Malcolm McDowell, George Romero, John Waters and more. For tickets and more info: http://www.trinityofterrors.com/


UPDATE: Balk has reportedly cancelled her appearance at the convention “…due to accepting a film role which will be shooting as the convention”.  Whether this schedule conflict relates to Thicker or another as yet unknown project is unclear.

Going to the Freakshow in Orlando

Balk will be in Orlando, Florida on Oct. 9-11 for the Freakshow Film Fest. Other guests include Linda Blair, John Landis, Shannen Doherty and more. Further details can be found at their site, here

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Trailer

The folks at Rope of Silicon have the trailer to Werner Herzog’s new movie with Ru which you can see here after you provide them with an age statement. Enjoy!

Images of Ru from the trailer:


Ru To Host The MPP 4th Annual Party at the Playboy Mansion

On June 4 Balk will be at the Playboy Mansion hosting the fourth Marijuana Policy Project party. The evening will include a “live fire and glow performance”…or at least people will walk away in the frame of mind to believe they saw whatever it is to which that refers.

Tickets range from $800 to $900 dollars and are available through the link above.

Ru to Spend a Frightmare Weekend in Texas

Another convention appearance added to the itinerary, this time at “the southwest’s premiere horror convention”, Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas. The event runs from May 1st to the 3rd and also features Tobe Hooper, Alice Cooper, Linda Blair, Barbara Steele, Karen Black, Lena Heady, Thomas Dekker, William Forsythe and David F. Friedman.

Ru Hosts Eliza Wren’s Return To Oz Sundance Screening

Singer Eliza Wren has composed her own score to Walter Murch’s Oz sequel and will be debuting the music at the Sundance Film Festival along with footage from the film. According to SL Weekly the event will be hosted by Balk herself.

More about Wren’s project here. 


The Salt Lake Tribune has an article on the event with quotes from Balk about it as well as another questioning whether the concept is “preposterous” or not.

Poster from EWERCS

Personal Appearance in March

It seems Fairuza will be making a personal appearance at Monster Mania horror convention in Cherry Hill, NJ in March.  For tickets, more info, click here.

Ru Makes The Humboldt County DVD Cover

Despite not appearing in the film past the first 20 minutes or so, Balk is featured prominently on the cover for the DVD, due Jan. 13, in front of the controversial joint image.  

DVD News

Two significant Ru related DVD releases were announced this week. According to Amazon, Humboldt County will be out on disc on January 13 (preorder here) and, as brought to our attention by forum member Cornelius, the A&E mini-series Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story  will see release on on December 16 (more information at TV Shows On DVD here).

By the way, the Humboldt County  soundtrack, including the song Fairuza sings “I Want You To Be My Baby”, is now available on iTunes (see this thread)

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