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Tired of Waiting for Humboldt County? Make it Happen!

In the most recent post in their director’s blog Mr. Grodsky and Mr. Jacobs have laid out a proposition to independent film enthusiasts interested in forming “Lost Coast Local” teams in different that would be provided with promotional materials such as posters, postcards, something called “rolling papers”, etc. to help promote the film and arrange sneak preview screenings.


The page about the MPAA and the poster on the blog referred to in my previous post has been removed, but this new one does mention the official site is now temporarily down (replaced with a placeholder with a nice cast picture) in order to meet MPAA standards, so evidently all is status quo there.

Humboldt County Poster Banned By The MPAA?

Humboldt County co-director Darren Grodsky wrote a few days ago at their blog that the MPAA has found (or likely to find) their current poster to be unacceptable on the grounds that “references to drugs/drug paraphernalia” are not allowed in advertising (evidently falling under the category vaguely defined on their website as “other material that most parents would find unacceptable for their younger children to see or hear”) So the MPAA is an inscrutable star chamber, no news there, rather than gnashing teeth Mr. Grodsky suggests:

“And so, should we be forced by the MPAA to change our poster to a more “subtle” version, I suggest to each and every one of you who encounters this blog:

Let’s pepper the world & the world wide web with our “Smoking Joint” poster, which may soon become a limited edition piece. We’ll do our part to include it everywhere (When you check out the promos we recently shot, you’ll notice we managed to fit it in a few different places). See if you can find ways to show off the smoking joint poster. This will turn out to be win-win as both a way to stick it to the “man” and also a way to promote the film, a task in which we need all the help we can get…”


Being well sympathetic to the cause, we here at Quiet Storm are prepared to do our part

Ru Signs On For Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ms. Balk has just made an enemy of Abel Ferrara, the director of Bad Lieutenant (who recently said of all involved in the remake of the film “I wish these people die in Hell. I hope they’re all in the same streetcar, and it blows up” which was met with a  “I have no idea who he is. Is he Italian? Is he French? Who is he?” from the difficult to faze Herzog – this is, after all,  a man who brushed off being shot with an air rifle with a nonchalant “It was not a significant bullet. It does not surprise me to be shot at.”) by signing on for an as yet unknown role in Herzog’s film. Val Kilmer and Brad Dourif who have appeared alongside Ru in The Island of Dr. Moreau and Humboldt County respectively are also on board. Now just stay offboard those streetcars.

Fairuza Joins “Thicker”?

Not much hard information aside from Ru showing up on the IMDb page for this feature length version of a short film entitled Enfants Terribles (trailer), identified as playing a character named “Lonely”. Confirmed cast include Peter Facinelli,  Jason Lee, Alison Pill, Peter Stormare, Amanda Plummer, Bobby Cannavale, Christopher Lloyd and James LeGros.

Grindstone Road Trailer

Peace Arch Entertainment has put up a trailer for the movie which you can see here. The DVD is set for release on May 20 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon here. 

RHI Entertainment has a small factsheet with five picture gallery here. 

The Natural

Darren Grodsky at the Humboldt County director’s blog has composed a lengthy tribute post to Ru entitled “The Natural”.  It discusses in some detail the audition process and praises Ru on her professionalism and includes this large pic.  Earlier this month they put up a video on casting generally in which they indicate that Ru’s screen time will be small but that she will be seen doing something different than she’s done in the past.

Grindstone Road Update

ITV Inter Medya, the distribution company for the film, have put up a Grindstone Road page that gives a few more details. For one the movie is directed by Melanie Orr and co-stars Greg Bryk (Shoot ‘Em Up, Weirdsville, A History of Violence), Joan Gregson (Hollywoodland, The Good Shepherd) and Walter Learning (His official site). There is also a more detailed synopsis and this poster:

Grindstone Road Poster

Grindstone Rd.

According to a press release from Peace Arch Entertainment Group Fairuza is to star in a film called Grindstone Rd. about “a young mother who moves her family into a newly purchased farmhouse, where the seemingly friendly neighbors next door may have sinister motives”

Read the full article here

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a very happy New Year, and I hope 2006 brings lots and lots of Fairuza goodies to each and everyone!

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