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Wild Tigers I Have Known DVD

Cam Archer’s Wild Tigers I Have Known has been set for DVD release on July 10. Click here to preorder and see the attractive cover graphic. Read more about the movie in the forum here.

Smitty said,

July 11, 2007 @ 7:00 am

Hey there!
This is a message for Nathaniel. I’m Smitty from BlankTV in Hollywood.
I wrote a script about a group of young people in LA starting a punk rock business from within the corporate business they work in by day.
There’s a part in the movie that would be perfect for Fairuza. And the production company is going through the normal channels to get her a script, etc.
I heard she’s been playing with some bands in LA, and thought it would be smart to see if we can reach out that way and let her know about this kickass project.
If you have any names of bands she’s playing with, I’m sure we can find her.
If you’re actually in contact with any of her representatives, I’d be thrilled for some contact info.
This is a part for a very kickass, punk rock bad girl. A wicked girl…but it’s a comedy, so it needs the perfect lady.
If you have any advice or info, please give us a shout. And if you like punk rock, our site, http://www.BlankTV.com has over 3,000 punk and indie music videos from all over the world.
rock on,

Nathaniel said,

July 16, 2007 @ 10:54 am

Hi Smitty!

Since you didn’t give me an e-mail address to reply to, I’ll have to hope you keep checking back here.

This site is a tribute to Fairuza Balk, but neither I nor anyone else here has any contact with Fairuza herself. Also, I don’t even live in the United States, so I really don’t have any contact what so ever with the punk rock scene of Los Angeles.

My advice is that you keep trying through the normal channels.

Blessed be
/ Nathaniel

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