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Ru joins the cast of Showtime’s Ray Donovan

According to Deadline,  Ms. Balk will be on board in a recurring role for the third season of Showtime’s hard-boiled crime drama Ray Donovan (which explains a recent, at the time seemingly offhand tweet canvassing for opinions on the show). Balk is reportedly playing a prostitute and mother of a young girl (to be played by Shree Crooks) who becomes friends with Jon Voigt’s character Mickey.

On Twitter today, Balk comments “So yes the big secret is out:) I’m going to be on Ray Donovan & I’m really looking forward to it. Great cast on this show”  and “I don’t know when the episodes will air but I start shooting soon. I’ve been in prep mode for a while but wasn’t sure when to announce it :)

Hopefully Ginger will fare better than some of the other characters who have gotten chummy with Mickey in the first two seasons.

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