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Humboldt County set for 2007

Ever vigilant forum lurker Morgoth tipped us about this article, explaining a bit of the background to the new movie Humboldt County, starring our own Fairuza Balk. Although IMDB makes no mention of her involvement, it seems pretty confirmed that she will play a major part in this movie.

Interview: Don’t Knock The Balk

Fairuza talking about her long awaited comeback to the big screen:

“I just try to do things that I think will be good, it’s that simple,” Balk revealed in January at the Sundance Film Festival where Don’t Come Knocking screened prior to its U.S. theatrical release. “When I’m an old lady and I look back at my life, not just my work, but my life, I want to say, ‘Good, I did do the best that I could and I tried to make decisions for the right reasons.'”

Be sure to read the article over at reel.com.

Fairuza is still working

According to the filmography on imdb.com, Fairuza is still working the showbiz and is acting in a couple of new movies as we speak. Currently, there are atleast 2 movies out this year (“Don’t Come Knocking” and “A Year and a Day”), and another one set for 2006 release (“Wild Tigers I Have Known”).

In other news, the redesign of the site is moving along smoothly. All the pages are done, the design is finished and I’m currently working on a simple guestbook (I promise, I WILL finish it this time :D).

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