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Long time no see, eh? :)

I’m really sorry I haven’t updated in so long, but I really haven’t had the time and Fairuza-related news have been very scarce lately. This newsPost however, marks the dawn of a new era (I hope…). This newsPost is the first one after finishing the brand new design of the site. I’ve updated everything to use a more flexible layout using divs and CSS instead of lots of nested tables and messy HTML.

And yes, I know the other sites aren’t fitted to the new design yet, but they will be shortly. It’s quite a bit of work, so just bare with me.

Fairuza getting hitched?

Gossip magazine Star writes that Fairuza Balk and Steve Gilmour, son of David Gilmour, are engaged and planning a wedding. Well, just read for yourselves:

Fairuza Balk & Steve Gilmour — The Waterboy cutie snagged herself a rich rock ‘n’ roll heir whom she’ll wed next July in Hollywood, STAR has learned. Fairuza, 29, has been showing of her new diamond ring from Steve Gilmour, 34, son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. “They met at a party a year ago and have been dating ever since” says a source close to the twosome. “They just bought a house in the Hollywood Hills. Now that the couple lives together they can hole up and plan the wedding”.

While not confirmed, it doesn’t seem impossible, and the magazine probably doesn’t have any real reason to lie about it.

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