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Fairuza Balk clippings for sale!

Several magazines from Fairuza’s early career are for sale. Clippings from several magazines which contains interviews, photoshoots, events, movies and so on. The collection is getting sold because I, Maria need to earn money for an operation for my beloved dog, Oliver. He used to be a stray dog in Spain and has had a rough life before I adopted him and I need to “fix” his old knee and his teeth.

The magazines are REALLY rare and hard to find. Hardly ever get up on sites such as eBay or so. If you want to support me and my dog and get a great collection please contact me at my mail. I hate to have to sell my collection but of course my doggie comes first.

And you can make a “bid” for what you want to give for the clippings and I can put up an auction on eBay for it if you want to.

– You might know me from have had fansites on Fairuza since 2000, on domains such as fairuza-balk.com and fairuzabalk.org and I have the fanlisting.